Peggy  has always loved God and children. She began her career in a traditional preschool, teaching four year olds. The school had the big teacher’s desk, the alphabet around the top of the walls and smaller desk for the children. The curriculum included coloring sheets with letters and numbers on them and teaching the ABC’s and 123’s. While the school was very nice and the teachers were wonderful, the traditional environment never really struck a passion in her. “I remember one day when we were out in the yard, I watched a child lining up acorns in a row and trying to count them”. “It was from that moment on, my class and I began doing lessons outside as much as possible” said Ms. Peggy. After the preschool closed, she held different management positions but yearned to be with the children again.

In 1999 she began working at a Montessori preschool. “The moment I walked into that school and observed the children and environment, I knew this was the teaching method I had always been a part of, I just did not know it was an actual method of teaching”, said Ms. Peggy. Ms. Peggy began working there as an evening support staff and when an opening became available during the day, she moved to the daytime shift. Shortly after, Ms. Peggy was promoted to the Toddler Team leader. With such a big responsibility she needed to learn all she could about the Montessori Method. After taking every class that was offered she began school and became Montessori certified in 2000. Two years later she was promoted to Director and continued to work at that school for eleven years.

Her love for God and belief in the Montessori Method began a dream in her heart all those years previously. “If children absorb and learn from birth to six, then they need to “absorb” who their Savior is and one day, if it is the will of God, I will open a Montessori Christian school “said Ms. Peggy.
Many years later and in God’s timing, the dream became a reality when her and Ms. Mary opened Montessori Christian Academy. The knowledge and insight she gained from being a teacher and an administrator has helped her dreams become a success. I know God is going to use this school to flourish His kingdom and I feel truly humbled and blessed to be a part of His work.

“Yet those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.” Isaiah 40:31






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