Montessori Christian Academy has two toddler classes.Each class has five children in it with one teacher.We understand the need for individual attention therefore we will never have more than five children in each Toddler class.When you enter our school you will experience these classes which are filled with laughter, happiness, peace and love.

For the first year of life, before a child can stand and walk, he has been watching carefully the daily activities being carried out in the home.Finally he is physically able to participate in the real work of the family. To include the child in our work is to pay him the greatest respect.Nothing nourishes a child’s positive self-image more than being given the opportunity to be of service to others.When a child’s work is respected and not interrupted it is not uncommon to see an activity carried out many times in succession.

In our toddler environments there is a place for everything and everything is returned to its place, first by the adult, and then by the child who quite naturally imitates the adult behavior. The child has a strong sense of order and enjoys putting things away.There is a great thirst for language at this age.You will see many examples of children learning the names of the objects in a home and in the world.These can range from tools, cooking utensils, fruits and vegetables to farm animals, bugs, flowers, etc.

Dr. Montessori was fond of reminding us that“The child can only develop by means of experience in his environment.” We call this experience “work.”When given the opportunity, a prepared environment with the materials, and a carefully thought out lesson, a child will always choose real work over any other kind of activity.

Lessons are given to one child at a time.Here a child is learning how to carry a tray, roll a mat, pick up their plate and clean their area after snack and lunch.Such lessons allow children to move with dignity and grace, to function independently in the environment.The adult sets the example of care and calmness by the way she gives the lesson. She tries to be with the child to the point of completing the activity, cleaning it up, and putting it away, modeling the completion of a work.

Our environment offers warmth, caring, and love to each child who attends.The teachers are not only passionate about each child God has entrusted to them but, feel very blessed to be an integral beginning in their Montessori Christian education.To our staff this is not a job but a legacy.

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